Embedded google calendar – too small; not showing events

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    I’m new to blogging and just in the process of creating site, so pls forgive if I’m asking repeat question or one that’s simple to you experienced folks but I’ve searched and cannot find answer. I’ve followed the instructions I found in a couple places (http://en.support.wordpress.com/google-calendar/) and (http://helensnerdyblog.wordpress.com) . But the calendar shows up very small and it DOES NOT show current & future events (maybe because it’s too small – I’m not sure). I want it to be big (even on its own page) and to show all the events I’ve put on the google calendar (that I CAN see when I go directly to the calendar in Google). I see other blogs with google calendars on them so know there has to be a way to do it. And yes, I do understand the difference btwn wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Mine is a wordpress.com site. THANKS in advance for your help. Step by step would be great – I’m a novice :)

    The blog I need help with is sfumcfots.wordpress.com.


    WordPress now allows direct embedding of google calendars. Follow the instructions in this support document.



    Since it’s a private blog, we can’t look at what’s going on and thus can’t help you. You might try asking staff.


    I should mention that I’ve never tried it in a page or post and the instructions seem to indicate you can only put it into a text widget. Try it in a page or post though and see what happens.



    hi, thesacredpath – the instructions you provided the link to are the instructions I’ve already used (link in my original post) and that’s how I ended up with the tiny calendar with no events showing up on it. I tried it on a page as well, but still tiny. Any other ideas? THANKS!



    raincoaster, thanks – I’m new to this – if you think it would help with troubleshooting, I can temporarily make the blog public. there’s no content on it right now anyway. Let me know and I’ll do that real quick if it’ll help. THANKS



    ok – I temporarily made it public in hopes someone can help me :)


    On your calendar page, does the code that shows up there after you inserted it start with this:

    <iframe width="200" height="200"



    thesacredpath: No – here’s the code: [googleapps domain="www" dir="calendar/embed" query="src=fruitofspiritsfumc%40gmail.com&ctz=America/New_York" width="200" height="200" /]


    Change the height and width values (200) to 750 in the code in the page and it should make it nearly full-width on that page without a sidebar (20px less for breathing room).

    Also on the page at google calendars where you get the embed code, right above that is a link where you can customize the calendar. If you click that you can then set colors as well as size of the calendar.



    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That worked perfectly! Thanks so much thesacredpath!!! Something so simple – I’m kind of embarrassed, but then like I said this is all new to me. Me and my bible study class (for which I’m doing this blog) thank you!!


    Yeah, I just tried it and you have to set the height and width for the calendar before you insert the code (or edit the sizes in the code after you save the post (the width and height mentioned above).


    You are welcome.



    embed seems broken – no events are showing up, only “busy” instead.

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