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    Just wondering –

    if blogs hosted by wp.com have a limited number of themes, and a limited number of customizations within those themes, why do so many of the available theme options include embedded graphics? I can’t say I’ve seen any statistics on the relative popularities of individual themes (though it would be interesting!), but I would assume that it’s easier to please more people with a more “plain” theme (“contempt,” “simpla”) than it is to please more people with a theme featuring a pre-chosen image (“banana smoothie,” “girl in green”). The latter style doesn’t seem to attract many users, from what I’ve seen, however, “Regulus,”‘ – which features a requesite header image that’s much more abstract/subtle, and more importantly, customizable (users can choose from 5 or 6 variations) – is widely used.
    From these general observations, it seems like users are not averse to a pre-chosen images or patterns in general, just those that come with no alternatives. So, I’m wondering why many of the new themes (and quite a few of the old ones) come with embedded images that can’t be altered in any way whatsoever, given that the biggest thing people seem to want here is customizability? Of course, giving us those options is a process and it’s running its course, but wouldn’t it be just as easy (if not easier) to provide new themes that were more on the “plain” side than themes with large, fixed images that are only likely to appeal to a small percentage of people?

    Thanks for all the hard work, and for listening.



    We’re going to start tracking theme stats soon, so I’ll try to do a blog post about what’s most popular.



    You’ve made this statistics geek very happy. Thanks!

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