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Embedded links change?

  1. Is anyone else having troubles with embedded links? Did they change the code or what? mine just aren't showing up anymore....Help!

  2. Can you give an example please?

  3. Links on your site look find to me. We may be missing what you're getting at though.

  4. YEah, sorry, I'm trying to do a new post, and even though I type the whole "Website" business, it just comes through exactly like that instead of being a blue underlined "website" that you can click on. Make sense?

  5. See, In that last post it actually worked! Crap! I can't make that blue underlined thing happen in my posts....

  6. Ah, now you've explained we can help. The forum (BBSpot for your information) will automatically change the url into a link.

    WordPress doesn't. You'll need to type the url (or a piece of text) and then hit the "link" button above the post editor window. This will bring up a popup box allowing you to put the URL in. Hit ok and voila!


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