Embedded Youtube vid not always showing title

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    I’ve recently added vids to my blog but I see that the title (which should appear in the top greyed out bar) only appears sometimes. I’ve tried it on different browsers and computers and I get the same result. (random)

    Just to clarify, when the page (link below) first loads thats when the title doesnt always appear but when you click to view the vid it does (always) I need it to load when the link below is viewed. Hope that makes sense.



    The blog I need help with is adelaidecoffee.wordpress.com.


    If you mean the title in the actual embedded video, then that’s pretty normal with YouTube videos. However, if you’ve experienced this differently at other times, try clearing your cache and then logging back into your account, or updating your browser. You could also check on your own Flash settings (right click on video, choose ‘settings’ from the drop down menu).


    My PC is updated with all that you have said, i always make sure of that and doubled checked for the purpose of this. I did try clearing cache (and logging out/in) as you said, but that didnt change anything.

    It does seem silly that the name of the video doesnt appear unless you click on to watch it, in most instances we do want to know a bit about it before we click to watch it.

    Anyway, i reluctantly decided to add titles within the blog so it appears above the video. Its extra work I didnt want to do but have no choice.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.



    One solution would be to use the rather basic YouTube editor and put a bumper with the name of the video on it. Then choose that for your opening image.


    an opening page with details sounds like a good idea. I’ll have a look at that.

    Thankyou for the suggestion.

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