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Embedded youtube videos - not working

  1. theperfumechronicles


    Up until yesterday, I was having no problems with embedded youtube videos in my posts. Then... youtube went https. My videos stopped working. So I changed the code from http to https and... they still don't work. Any ideas?

  2. rmartinezvlzqz

    I just added a http youtube embed to a post yesterday and it's working fine. Please provide your blog address.

  3. I see several youtube things that are working fine for me:

    Have you tried logging out and clearing your browser cache? What browser and version are you using?

  4. rmartinezvlzqz

    I can also watch the videos...

  5. @theperfumechronicles
    I'm with auxclass. I'm wondering which browser and version of it you are using and if you have done and troubleshooting. Please see here > How are you connecting to the internet and

  6. theperfumechronicles

    Sorry... everything seems to be working now. I must be going crazy! For 12 hours there, all I saw was a black box. Even youtube is working without having to add the s to http! Thanks for responding... I have no explanation for it except maybe code 18 (18 inches between the screen and the user).

  7. @theperfumechronicles
    Not to worry. Thanks for letting us know this is a resolved thread. Happy blogging! :)

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