Embedded YouTube videos will not appear after publishing.

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    After being able to embed videos from YouTube for months, suddenly, they will not appear on my blog. I’ve actually tried different videos to make sure there was not a problem with the one I want I appear.

    The blog is Blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com.

    The blog I need help with is blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com.


    I ee a video name A Tribute to T. Martin and it looks fine.
    Those with Zimmerman are ok.
    Others are alright.


    Videos that I’ve embedded from YouTube appear. It’s a post that I’m currently working on that is not yet published. When I “preview” the post, the link appears but not the video.



    I’m having the same problem.


    @bermudaonion. Sorry to hear that but in a way, happy to know that it sounds like a problem with word press. Youtube videos embed in comments without a problem, but not in posts. Hopefully someone with word press technical support will respond soon.



    Use the Shortcode. Sometimes other methods go wacky when YT or WP changes something. The Shortcode always works.



    @raincoaster. Thanks for your input, however I was using the short code and everything worked fine until last week. The video does not appear now no matter what code I use.



    Really? that’s interesting. I wonder if there’s a theme bug. I’ve had no issues this week. And you’ve double-checked that the particular YouTubes you’re using have embedding enabled?



    Ah wait, there’s a new thing where you paste in the URL and for some reason your cursor gets bumped to the front of the line. Then you put in the closing square bracket, but it ends up in front of the opening bracket. Check for that.


    The page I am having the problem with is:

    In order to get the link to the youtube video to show as a link, I had to actually click “link” in “Edit Post.” This has not happened previously.



    Yes, they changed it so link text does not automatically link anymore.


    Okay. I checked and re-checked, etc. Got the video to appear, and then after updating, it disappeared. Tried again. Read some suggestions on word press message boards. Nothing corrected it. I then used the “embed” option with Youtube, and when I previewed, the video appeared.

    After clicking “update,” the post showed the embedding code and not the video.

    I went back, deleted and entered the embedding Youtube code again and did not click “update.” The video now appears. Let’s hope it stays.


    Well, I kept my fingers crossed, but the video did not remain to appear. It went back to the embedding code and without linked.

    Will someone from word press support please address this matter — please.



    @blackbutterfly768 – For the autoembed to work, that link has to be on its own line and unlinked.

    Sometimes a piece of errant code creeps in on the same line as the embed to youtube. To make entirely sure that the embed is on its own line, switch to the Text Editor and check.

    Alternatively, when you paste the URL of the video, paste it while in the Text Editor.

    FWIW, I checked in my test blog and was able to embed the video you mentioned here http://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/nov-encouragement-for-sybrina-and-tracy/


    @justjennifer. Thank you. I followed your instructions and used the short-code for the video. So far, the video appears. It did that earlier also but when I went back, it was back to showing the code.

    I shall keep my fingers crossed — again.



    I’m glad that worked for you, but I have a strong feeling that our descriptions are not the same. Please excuse me while I try to make this clear for anyone finding this thread in the future.

    Autoembed works by copying the URL of the youtube video from the address line of your web browser. It would look something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgbNymZ7vqY It is just the raw URL of the video.

    When you paste that URL into your post, it has to be on its own line and unlinked. If it is linked (highlighted in blue and underlined) it will not work. If so, use the “unlink” or break link button in the Visual Editor’s toolbar. Also, any errant code, like a paragraph tag or a non-space break tag, will cause the embed to fail. If it fails , switch to the Text/HTML/Code Editor to make sure only the link appears alone on a line.

    There is no shortcode (a small piece of code) involved like raincoaster mentioned in her answer to you here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/embedded-youtube-videos-will-not-appear-after-publishing?replies=15#post-1070580 nor do you use any embed code that youtube offers on the video page.

    Hope that helps someone.



    And “non-space break tag” should of course have been “non-break space tag” “-)


    @justjennifer. Thanks again. I appreciate your time. The URL as you describe did not work when I tried embedding. The short-code provided by YouTube did and that is what I had used in all of the other posts without any problem until this week.

    Maybe this is a situation of using whatever works, along with your instructions about the code being on a separate line and verifying that by using the text view.

    I have noticed that when embedding YouTube videos into comments of other blogs with different themes, the URL and short-code work, while on other blogs/themes, only the short-code works.

    Anyway, using the text view evidently worked for this situation. The video still appears (is embedded). I am grateful for your help.



    Hi there, while the link you’ve used is currently working in your post:


    …please keep in mind the following link is the supported format and is the better one to use for embedding YouTube into posts and pages.


    If you need further help, just let us know.

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