embedding a bullet point list in a post

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    Every time this topic is raised, it gets closed before the answer is posted! I would like to post a simple double-spaced list with bullet points. Like say:


    How do I do this with bullet points?
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is rhapsodyinbooks.wordpress.com.


    Put in the stuff you want to be bulleted, highlight it and then click the “unordered list” button (#4) in the top row of buttons on the visual editor?

    Or, click that button first, write your list and then to end it, hit return/enter twice at the end of the list.



    Thank you (and I must say I never knew what ul and ol were for!). But using those methods indents my list but no bullets show up. I use a Mac with Safari 5.0.2.


    I’m back. I did it three times, and then it worked. Not sure if 3 is the lucky charm, but in any event it worked! You were very helpful, thank you!


    You are welcome. I’m on the same browser and have no issues, so I suspect it was a temporary thing.



    Well I’ve just tried doing this and only one bullet appears against the first line (of five), and in the numbered version only the figure 1 appears. How do you achieve a number on each of five consecutive lines, set left? (And I’ve been trying this more than the magic three times!)

    Incidentally why are the bullets so puny – so small they don’t align visually with the type? Surely they should match the x-height of a given font?

    Ta – shapersofthe80s.com


    Two ways to do this:

    1. Enter each numbered or bulleted item like it was its own paragraph (enter the first item and hit return/enter, enter the second item and hit return/enter, etc. When you have all the items entered, highlight all of those items (paragraphs) in the visual editor and then click the ordered or unordered list button.

    2. Get to the point you want the list. Click the ordered or unordered list button and a list will start. Enter the first item and then hit return/enter, enter the second item and then hit return/enter, etc. When you have entered all the items, press enter/return twice to exit the list mode and continue with writing your post.



    Ok understood. Will give these a go. Thanks v much.


    You are welcome.

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