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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to embed a map on my blog of a charity run I am doing in aid of a local children’s hospice.

    I use http://www.mapmyrun.com to map the run


    I have tried copying and pasting the map into HTML on my blog but no luck. All I get is the title and not the map.

    Can anyone help ?




    Can you provide a link to your blog here, starting with http? It could be a number of things, but without a link to the blog we can’t begin to guess. The site linked to your name is not a WP.com blog. If that’s the site you’re asking about, we will not be able to help you, as it’s not the same software as ours.


    Hi raincoaster here it is :


    Trying to put it on a separate page.

    Many thanks for replying so quickly.



    Thanks for that justjennifer but not sure if I can map my run with Google maps quite so easily. However might have to learn !




    It looks to me like they are using Google Maps anyway, so give it a try. I see you can also export to Google Earth, so let me tinker a bit.

    Otherwise, you might want to consider the link button they offer, which while isn’t nearly exciting, is still usable.



    Unfortunately opening the route in Google Earth and then viewing it in Google Maps didn’t keep the route intact.

    Another possibility is making a screenshot of one of the routes and linking the image to the “View Route” page on MapMyRun.com


    Hi justjennifer

    I have given up and just have a map button on a separate page.

    See what you think


    Thanks for your ideas though.




    Robert, that’s the easiest solution for your WordPress.com blog. (If you decide you want to replace that button image with a screenshot image of one of their widget maps, that would work just as easily too. Just replace the location in the button code for the image that they provide with the location in your wp.com files for your screenshot. You can even update that image with a new screenshot when the map changes.)

    Good luck with your run!


    Thanks again


    @runningwithslugs: You should have given up from the beginning! The code in the link you gave includes the word “iframe”, and these (as well as forms, flash and java) are not allowed in WP.


    I can see how to embed maps and have to say that I think it’s awesome. Just one question, is there a way to show a specific route. ffor example, if I go on a road trip, can I put in the daily locations and have a line show where I’ve travelled to?

    Much like my travel blog – note that the only reason it’s on Travelpod and now wordpress is that I can do the map very easily and show routes…





    The GoogleMap embedded in your WordPress.COM blog is the map you create at GoogleMaps. I just tried on a draft Post and if you plot a route on your GoogleMap, the route shows up in the embedded map in your Post.

    @ourmaninthefield-So in your case, you’d have to update both the GoogleMap and the resulting link in your blog’s Post.



    Cool. Thank you.



    Welcome, and have a great road trip!

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