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    I want to embed an Mp3 sound file into my wordpress blog. I am having trouble hosting the soundfile online. What free sites let me do this??

    I had a previous blogger account that allowed me to embed HTML from a podbean (www.podbean.com) account. Is there any site similar to podbean that is compatible with wordpress and allows me to embed the podcast in my wordpress blog??

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!



    Why wouldn’t Podbean work, as long as it allows hotlinking? You can also do a search of the FAQ for audio:


    I don’t know why podbean wouldnt work. It says “add the following HTML to your blog webpage” etc. and it embeds the podcast. It worked for blogger but not wordpress and I did it the exact same procedure.



    No, no, the embed code won’t work. Read those threads about Audio in the FAQ; it’ll explain about embeds and so on.

    If they host your MP3s and allow you to hotlink directly to the file, you can certainly use the WP audio player to play them.

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