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    I’ve read the forums and your suggestions, but I’m just not understanding why a YouTube video will no longer embed. It shows up as a hyperlink. Here is the page, we’re wanting to post. http://makeyourmovefans.wordpress.com/?p=1846&shareadraft=51cb81c0372a1

    I’ve tried using the embed code; I’ve tried using just the URL and not hyperlinking it. No matter what, it only shows up as a link to You Tube. That is NOT what we want. We want to keep people on our site.

    The blog I need help with is makeyourmovefans.wordpress.com.



    What is the URL of the YouTUbe video? Not all of them have embedding enabled.


    The YouTube url is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGQfVMglpYY

    Embedding is enabled, because it’s our video.



    Embedding with a Shortcode works every time for me. The shortcode is:
    change nothing. Copy and paste that code including the square brackets around it onto a single line.


    Ahhhh! It’s the brackets that I was missing, as well as the “youtube” portion in front of the URL. Thank you soooo much!



    You’re welcome.

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