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Embedding audio player on post page

  1. I tried to embed an audio player in the manner explained by wordpress audio practices as shown here:

    After getting the URL of the audio (

    and posting on the HTML side of the Post page ( [audio

    The audio player did not appear as shown on the Audio Support page. Instead, the raw code appeared on the VISUAL side of the Post page.

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The raw code appears in the Write or Edit post page. It doesn't appear in the Preview.

  3. Ok, so it will appear once the post is published, I guess.

  4. The player did not appear after I published the article.

  5. Can you give me a direct link to the post in question? We frequently find there's a typo in the audio player code and that causes this. I don't see the closing square bracket above, for instance.

  6. I have made the post private because I couldn't properly embed the player.

    But the following is the code I copied from the page exactly as I typed it:


  7. Wait. You were right. I missed the last bracket. Now it did appear. I apologize for my lack of care. Thanks for the help!

  8. No worries, we all make typo mistakes. I've done that exact one myself frequently.

  9. It took me 2 days to get this to work. This video should help all who find themselves in the same predicament
    Embedding audio player in WordPress posts

    Adding Audio Files to Your Blog
    Customizing the Audio Player
    Example of Color Customizations
    Default Color Options
    Audio Player Width
    Other Options
    Additional Info

    SoundCloud Audio Player

  11. I found this thread as I searched for trouble publishing Audio. Hoping someone can help. I am just starting a site that I will use primarily for audio (voice podcast not music) and I purchased the upgrades for audio, space etc.

    I want to do more than just a simple player as it does not allow me to add content next to it in the way I would like, so I checked into the Soundcloud player but I can not get it to show up when I publish the code it provides and I need to know if I am doing something wrong.
    [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]
    The above is the code as it is copied into a post and below is what it shows me on my page.
    For one the posts are on teach otherhother and even when I click on the audio to get it to show (even though it is not supposed to do that) I get this

    Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

  12. By the way... I did clear my cache and cookies and double checked viewing on Google Chrome, my Ipad and on other computers to make sure it was showing up this way to everyone, not just me.
    Thanks again!

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