Embedding flikr maps and tagged slideshows from a group in wordpress site

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    I was wondering if anyone can help. I’m trying to embed a flikr stuff from a group into a wordpress site. I have read the the forums and tinkered a bit with a code. I have managed to get a slideshow working after a bit of messing both with an embedded link and gigya code.

    The two things that I can’t do are:
    1. Embed a flikr slideshow of a selected set of images for a particular search term (tag) from the group. I can do this from my personal account using sets, but these are not enabled for groups.
    2. Embed a flikr map of the images in wordpress. I have tried copying and pasting the link and the URL into wordpress and made sure to hit the unlink button, but no joy.

    Can anyone help with what I need to do or got some gigya code that I can use for this?



    The blog I need help with is southyarewildlife.wordpress.com.



    Perhaps you could use the gigya shortcode, which you can read more about here > http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2010/07/17/gigya-2-flickr-slideshows/


    Thanks for the link. I’ve had another look at this thread, but the problem that I’ve got is that the gigya code for the slideshow relates to a personal flikr site where photos are split into sets. This is not possible with a group – the only way to have different slideshows is by searching on the tagged images. I’ve tried copying the link from slideshow created from a search, but this doesn’t work – the link appears on the page rather than the show. Tried the same with the link on the map of geolocated images, but this doesn’t work either.



    I’m sorry I have no help to offer. Hopefully, another blogger will be able to help you.


    Thanks anyway for the help.

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