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Embedding Google Docs forms

  1. Hi there

    I am trying to embed a form on my blog, but nothing shows up! I use the iframe from the Google Docs page, enter it into the HTML box when drafting a post and press save to convert it into the WordPress markup, but even then nothing is ultimately embedded in my post.

    Is there a crucial step that I am missing to use the embed feature?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Having the same problem. Hoping we get some feedback. I'm new to WP and trying to teach myself on the fly.

  3. Others have reported similar issues and apparently, it's solved

  4. If it is a google doc format I think you should recheck if your file in public sharing mode...

    If its an external format say pdf or something then you need to use the following code

    <iframe width=100% height=560px frameborder=0 src=[your document's URL]&embedded=true></iframe>

    please replace '[your document's URL]' with your google doc sharing url

    Still not able to resolve then please elaborate on your problem with more facts...


  5. The OP was trying to embed a form (spreadsheet), so that has been fixed now.

  6. 1. oh right if you are trying to embed a form then the only possible error you are making must be view rights... Please note that that forms are in private view mode in Google Docs as default. You must change them to public view then things shall resolve...

    2. If that is not the problem I recommend you to go to the support doc and repeat steps exactly they tells u to...

    3. Still not able to do? Report back here on the forum with more details of the error and screenshots if possible

  7. I am trying to embed a Google Doc form in my post but it isn't appearing. I have set the view rights to public and followed all the steps listed in the support page. Please help.

  8. Have you read all the links included above? Here's one more>

  9. Is the problem resolved?

  10. Try and embed one and see.

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