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    Now that grooveshark is fading out the “my widgets” page, I’m not sure I’ll be able to embed songs on my wordpress.com blog anymore. Before I was able to get the widget ID and use shortcode. Now the only method they give you is to cut and paste the embed code, which wordpress.com won’t accept. Any ideas??

    The blog I need help with is southerngospelyankee.wordpress.com.


    See here for starters:

    If you link to a song you wish to embed, or paste its embed code here between backticks, I can show you how to convert the code.


    Wow, so it’s like translation by hand. What a pain. Here’s one link:


    Does the link you gave me have all the info I’d need to embed any song I felt like embedding in the future?


    Yes it does, but it’s more complicated than you need, because it tries to cover various types of code. In your case “translation by hand” is easy. You copy-paste the embed code, keep this part only:
    <embed src="etc.etc.etc." /></object>
    and just turn it to this:
    [gigya src="etc.etc.etc." ]
    Paste into HTML post or page editor.


    Oh wow, awesome! Thank you so much, works perfectly.


    Is there a similar process for myspace widgets?


    You’re welcome.

    Yes, the gigya shortcode works with all flash embed codes. See here:


    Okay, because I went and tried it with a myspace widget, and I couldn’t seem to get the right content or ordering for wordpress to accept it. Is it a little different each time?


    You may have to study the post I originally linked to. Paste here (between backticks) the code you tried to convert and I’ll convert it for you.

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