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Embedding myspace videos into blog posts

  1. HI! I am brand brand brand new to WordPress and blogging, so this may be a very ignorant question- but is there any way to embed a myspace video into my wordpress blog?

    I found the code to embed youtube videos [ youtube=...] but one video I want to post is only on myspace.
    ANY help would be great.

  2. Hi there,
    The FAQs has instructions for posting youtube and so does the forum search box
    but I don't have a clue about myspace
    HTH :)

  3. Still looking for an answer.... THANKS :)

  4. Afraid not with what we have here. TT was directing you to the current methods that we do have.

  5. It's easy enough to move a Myspace video to YouTube; you'll probably find, if you do a search, that it's already there.

  6. chrisbrinkworth

    Solution: MySpace Video in WordPress.

    [link deleted - drmike]

    maggiequin - this is the work-around that i put together. I refused to give in to Youtube, as MySpace video offers so much more.

    Works very well using a collection of methods. Im rubbish at code etc and i worked this out - so is simple and easy for dummies and beginers like me to allow posting myspace video into wordpress posts. Let me know if any questions - but, this works perfectly. Good luck.

  7. Note that's for regular wordpress, not Please do a search for embed as well as read the stickies at the head of the forums. Embeds are stripped here at for security concerns since this is a shared environment running on WordPress Multiuser, not regular wordpress.

    You need to be over at and I believe there's no issue with MySpace videos on the regular wordpress platform.

  8. But still, a fascinating MySpace video there on chrisbrinkworth!

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