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    Hi all. Maybe I am really stupid tonight, but I cannot get how to make this work.
    This is the slideshow: http://www.slide.com/r/yoHBsM8X5D-ChbM5H_1KSUNYtz8dFmYQ

    I do not understand what is the number to insert in my post!

    This is of no help: http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/03/31/can-i-have-a-slideshow/



    Is this helpful? https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=13316&page&replies=6#post-96804

    I only need the id of slide and type e.g [slideshow 288230376162073045]
    Why don’t you write that need an id in faq? (ep, the id a bit hard to find)



    I’ve just set up a blog– or trying to– using Slide.com with excellent help from their support team. But, the problem is not with Slide but the slide show covers the second panel of text. Using Firefox not only obliterates the text or makes it semi transparent, it ‘collages’ the slide images. Safari is far better as the photos are fine, but the text on the left panel is completely covered.

    The way to fix this would be to alter the code dimensions but there’s no way to do that without paying– for a simple one time thing to make a slide show fit.

    That’s the only option? Anyone know? Can I use Slide shows on mindpress, and if so how without paying for CSS upgrades for just one simple thing?

    Thanks, th407



    It sounds like you’re running into trouble because of the theme you’ve chosen. You should be able to find many themes on WordPress.com that are wide enough to display the entire slideshow (I believe it’s 400 pixels wide, but could be wrong on that). If you want to run it in Fjord or something, though, you’re out of luck. Try choosing a theme with only one sidebar.

    It would be easier to offer specific advice for your blog if you included a link to it, or linked your username to your WordPress.com blog. As it is, we can only make guesses.



    thanks– I did change the theme to a single side-bar and also deleted the slide show and re-edited the size in slide to what would fit– 420 x 350 px. Still it covers the sidebar.

    if you add th407 to wordpress.com, that’s the page I’m working with.



    so: http://th407.wordpress.com . It’s easier for us if you format it as a live link. I’ll take a look now.



    Those slideshows are much wider than 420px, because of the frames. They look about 600 wide to me, and there are no themes on WordPress.com that will display anything that wide; I can only do it because I have Custom CSS.

    Disembedded puts slideshows in his blog quite frequently. Maybe he’ll give us some solutions. I’m afraid I’m out of ideas.



    Hi Thanks, raincoaster,

    This is the line of code:

    name=’flashticker’ align=’middle’ /><div style=’width: 600px;text-align:left;’><a href=’http://www.slide.com/

    The ‘album’ Slide is set to 420 x 350 as I redid this at Slide before saving and importing for wordpress. So, that should fit into the page once the code is changed. If they work well aligned to the middle, this would be great, otherwise, aligning to the left might be better.

    The theme is such a good looking one for my purpose, I don’t want to change any of the design, but would sure like to see it work.

    Idella, I didn’t know where to ‘get the code’ either– but since I have just learned all about that so maybe can help a little. First (and this sounds obvious but I made the mistake!) make sure you are are in ‘My Slide’ webpage and are signed ‘in’ to create your new set of slides. Also– I think it helps to be signed into your wordpress blog and have your browser ‘remember’ your sign in info.

    Then, Slide should automatically set this information after you do the save and get code and all you have to do it hit the send and the Slide is embedded for you. This appears in an orange box below the slides.

    You can get back to the ‘save and edit’ link on a previously created slide show on your My Slide page. Here is some info from Slide.
    To add more photos or edit this Slide Show, please follow these steps:

    1. Login to http://www.slide.com
    2. Click on the ‘Edit and Add Photos’ link next to the Slide Show you’d
    like to change
    3. Add photos by uploading them from your computer, importing them from
    Photobucket, Flickr or MySpace, or add images from any website!
    4. When you’ve finished making changes to your Slide Show, click on the
    green ‘Save’ button

    Hope this helps



    th407 – after you click the button that says “Save get code”, on the next screen look on the left way down at the bottom and you’ll see WordPress in little print. Click there and you’ll get the proper code.

    I did it just this morning with no problem. HTH


    ellaella is right. It took me forever to see that tiny print on the side!



    Help! I do not see wordpress at the left side, down in little print… Maybe I need glasses :) Nobody can show me on a screenshot?





    ok ignore that. here’s your screenshot: http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/6133/slideprobmf6.png

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