Embedding the archive.org player – enclosure field?

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    According to the podcasting page when it comes to embedding an archive.org player

    “if you are hosting your audio files on archive.org, you need to add a Custom Field called “enclosure” and paste the full url for the mp3 file in the Value field. “

    What does that mean? I have to add an enclosure field to what? The embed code? What does that look like in terms of code?

    The embed code is: <iframe src=”http://archive.org/embed/DickHatenberg” width=”500″ height=”30″ frameborder=”0″ allowFullScreen></iframe>

    What do I have to do to it, to make it work? Thanks, DB

    The blog I need help with is dickhatenberg.wordpress.com.



    OK, but the podcasting page specifically says you can add archive.org players if you add the enclosure field etc. Or is that just on wordpress.org?


    .org pages don’t apply here.

    There is this though:


    There are some other posters here who can come up with methods of making some iFrame codes work here. They may be along later.

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