Embedding TimeRime to posts?

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    I’m having trouble embedding code from TimeRime (a timeline tool) into my wordpress posts.

    To answer the first question:
    1. Yes, I’m doing it in HTML mode (not Visual)

    On the ‘edit post’ screen, I copy and paste the embed code from TimeRime and hit ‘publish’ and/or ‘save draft’. Then I click “preview post” and/or “view post”, and the post is bank.

    THEN I click on ‘edit post’, and all of the code that I have pasted to the editor has disappeared and nothing shows up except the text I’ve written on the post and/or the post title.

    It’s as if WordPress is eating (nom nom nom) the code and swallowing it :)

    I’ve been trying to work with the TimeRime folks to figure this out, but the code is correct. The embedded item is a flash timeline if that makes a difference.


    The blog I need help with is sociosound.wordpress.com.



    Flash is not allowed. See here for file types and more info: http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/

    The support documents are your friend.



    Well that’s interesting, since TimeRime has whole tutorials on how to imbed onto wordpress blogs.






    WordPress.ORG or WordPress.COM??

    Very different animals with it comes to embeds. With a self hosted site and .ORG software you can do most anything you want including crash the server.


    @sociosound, when places like this say “wordpress” they are typically talking about self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG. Unless it specifically mentions wordpress.COM, they typically won’t work here, and any code you find with “embed” or “script” or “iframe” or flash, or javascript anywhere in the code won’t work here.

    Since this is a multi-user platform, we all share the same wordpress and theme files, and any security hole that would be introduced (knowingly or not) by a blogger could possibly bring down the entire system.


    @sociosound: If it’s flash, it’s probably possible, but not by pasting the embed code; please paste the code here between backticks so I can see.

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