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  1. There's a crossposting feature in that allows you to cross-post a video to a lot of different blog templates, but I am not interested in crossposting my own video to my blog, I would simply like to embed a video that someone else has on Is there a specific embed code, special WordPress syntax, for embedding video from Blip? I checked the FAQ here but did not see a shortcode for embedding Blip videos. Certainly if one can cross-post a video from Blip to their blog there should also be a way to embed this video. How can this be done?

  2. No... like I said, I am not talking about crossposting a video from Blip to WordPress. Like I said, I am simply trying to embed a video from not necessarily one that I posted myself. One that I found there that I want to showcase. Does that make more sense? I had already read that topic you linked to, but it doesn't help unless you're crossposting, so that's not the answer.

    So how do I embed it?

  3. Raincoaster... once again, that FAQ/forums search returns nothing but topics previously discussed that have to do with CROSSPOSTING the videos only (in other words, crossposting the videos to your blog after YOU upload it to YOUR account). This is NOT what I am inquiring about!

    Let's say you're like me, and you have a blog as I do, and you venture over to and find a video there that you think is really great and you'd like to share with your blog readers. What should you do? Well, right now, I would say you can't do anything... WHY? Because you obviously did not POST or UPLOAD this video to Blip so you therefore cannot "crosspost" it to your blog... no, you just FOUND it there on Blip. So you go in search of what can be done to enable embedding of this video in your blog on this here forum because you can find no existence of any specific embed code, special WordPress syntax, for embedding video from Blip to WordPress, but all everyone can point you towards is information about CROSSPOSTING.

    Quite frustrating, this!

    Now, can ANYONE tell me how to "EMBED" (not crosspost) a video that you FIND on onto a post in your blog on

  4. Rather than getting frustrated with volunteers in the forum, why don't you contact support?

  5. Or do another search of the FAQ. By elimination, you'll find your answer.

  6. actually, i'm just as frustrated as kopper65 :(

    the information & links here (and in other forum post, i did search/review) only seem to address "cross-posting" videos to if you are the original video owner and did the original UPLOAD, not if you are just a viewer and wish to SYNDICATE.

    altho i can setup cross-posting in to any blog where i publish, the process assumes that i was the original author of the video. however, in many cases the person who wants to re-publish or syndicate the video clip does not have ownership of the video.

    afaik, no one at either or has outlined how to do this if you aren't the original video owner. (and before you say that i shouldn't have syndication permissions unless i am the original owner, note that all YouTube videos and most other video services allow for syndication by others via embed code)

    if anyone has any clues on how handles embed formatting for, please let me know. i'm assuming the cross-posting tools simply generates pre-approved embed code that looks like [playername=url] & avoids using <object type> javascript syntax which isn't allowed on blogs. using "bliptv" as the playername doesn't seem to work the same way as "youtube" does.

  7. If VOLUNTEERS can't help, contact support

  8. Did you ever get an answer from support?

  9. As far as know, unlike other short codes the values aren't obvious how they relate to the videos, so the only way I've found is to ask Blip for it on a video's permalink page. For example for
    1. In the left sidebar click the orange Share and select Embed from the drop down.
    2. Click the orange Show Player to Embed's right and select from the drop down.
    3. Click the green go! button
    4. Copy and paste the generated short code into your blog post here on In my example the code I copied into my blog post is
    [ ?posts_id=755336&dest=-1]

  10. thank you god foolswisdom

  11. foolswisdom,

    nice job, thanks!

  12. Thank you so much foolswisdom. I was looking for that exact answer too!

  13. fools wisdom, you are my jesus!!! Thank you so much!

  14. Hi Lloyd,

    Rightantler here - I'm having trouble still. I can get the code you mention above for the video I want to embed, but when I create a new post and add this the video still doesn't come up.

    Can you be more specific about creating a post and where you add the code to make it appear on the blog?

    Many thanks

  15. Hi Rightantler, It should be just a matter of including something like [ ?posts_id=755336&dest=-1] in the post. I'd suggest contacting support letting them know the draft post for them to take a look at.

  16. Rightantler, are you 100% sure you're in the right forum? Isn't your blog an independent WP install, in which case our shortcodes won't work for you.

  17. Thanks foolswisdom, I'll try again and contact support.

    raincoaster: Yes. My own blog is actually on an independent Movable Type install, rather than WP. However, if you look at my question above you will see that my username is toastsetters. I agreed to set up a site for my corporate toastmasters site and took the opportunity to try wordpress for it. This makes no statement about MT, which I am very happy with, but I met foolswisdom a long while back and wanted to try WP at some point. Out of interest, the video worked perfectly first time on MT, but not alas on WP :-p

  18. Update: Thanks again Foolswisdom, tried again, this time at home using my Mac and it worked first time!

  19. Yes, but your username isn't linked to your blog and about 30% of the questions we get about WordPress are from people in the wrong forum. Without a link to the blog in question, I had to fall back on what I remembered, which was that you weren't hosted here.

  20. I've updated the profile so clicking on the name in toastsetters in the posts above links to the blog. Thanks for the pointer ...

    30% seems high, might suggest the forum categories etc are only 70% helpful in helping you decide where to post? Personally I search for the topic as I did with this one and post there, where ever it happens to sit.

    The good news is both Kopper65 and I both got the answers we needed :-)

  21. This is the answer! Thank you Lloyd Budd!

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