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    I would like to embed a wordpress blog into a google site. How can a do this?

    The blog I need help with is kaalvoetsejoernale.wordpress.com.



    Hi. Just a thought: have you tried asking Google Sites how to do it?



    Probably, You can do this by using RSS FEEDS.



    Do you mean you want to embed a WordPress blog into a Blogspot blog? You’d be better off just using WordPress itself.

    Which SPECIFIC sites are you talking about? We need the URLs starting with http.



    I’m afraid you may need to ask over at Google. As well, staff have asked that if your blog here is duplicated elsewhere on the web, that it be set to Private. Otherwise it’s essentially a spam blog, and Google will downgrade both websites severely. You don’t want doubled material out there.


    Not to mention that they end up competing with each other for search engine placement, diluting the ranking of both sites.

    Never a good idea to have duplicate content.

    I’m trying to convince a potential client right now that the reason their site isn’t showing up in searches is because everything they post is also posted on a site with much higher search engine ranking. Can’t seem to get that point across to them though. I think I’ll not take the job.



    Just charge by the hour for explaining the same thing over and over.

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