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Embedding YouTube

  1. Suddenly I'm not able to embed YouTube videos. I just see code -- not the video. I'm tried switching browsers and restarting and trying different YouTube clips. My old embedded videos show perfectly. I just can't add new ones. Any idea what is going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you using the shortcode and putting it into the HTML tab?

  3. Thanks. I'm using the regular embed code and pasting it into the visual tab, as I always do.

  4. Although it shouldn't make any difference which I tab I have open.

  5. Actually it can. My experience with the shortcodes is that they work far more consistently if you put them into the HTML tab. I've had issues when putting them into the visual tab, but virtually never had problems when using the HTML tab.

  6. It's getting even stranger. When I embed into the HTML tab and save for a preview -- the code simply disappears!! The post is empty. No code. No video. Something very strange is going on.

  7. from where are you copying the code ? try entering the shortcode manually by typing in.

  8. David, post the URL of the video here so we can try.

  9. I'm not sure what you mean by shortcode. I'm clicking the embed button to get the embed code, as I have done a zillion times. This has to be a WordPress issue, no?

  10. Thanks. Here's the url --- but I emphasise that I am getting this problem with ALL videos.

  11. using [youtube=] in html view works for me without any problem.
    To know how to use shortcodes and the youtube shortcode read:
    Shortcode :
    Youtube Shortcode:

    Also the video embed from the editor toolbar works

  12. Thanks. Usually, the act of pasting in the YouTube embed code and saving generates a shorter code like the one you just sent. When I insert your code I DO get a result, but I can see only half the clip. It's too big for the frame.

  13. oh sorry, actually thats the parameters i use in my blog have a look at the parameters it has
    h=480 means the height = 480
    w=640 means the width = 640 so you need to either manually insert the dimensions, or simply remove them to auto adjust.
    the rel=0 tells not to show related videos
    the hd=1 tells to play always hd version of the video so you can include these options or exclude.
    For plain code without any options you can use:
    <br /> [youtube=]<br />

  14. Tx. I'm still puzzled why the standard YouTube embed code is suddenly not working, though.

  15. Youtube may have changed things. If you are using the full embed code, starting with

    <object width="480"....

    from the "add video" button, then that has always been problematic for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I always use the shortcode and then just copy and paste the URL of the video page from my browser address bar.

  16. do one thing, use the visual tool to insert the code, and compare the code with the one you have just entered manually.

    the format is
    <br /> [youtube=link_of_valid_you_tube_videos_without_quotes]<br />
    replace link_of_valid_you_tube_videos_without_quotes with the video link.

  17. Thanks. I'll try all this. Very helpful!

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