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Embedding YouTube HD videos

  1. Hi all... I also use [youtube=URL&hd=1] string for my YouTube videos on the blog... on the past, the "&hd=1" string seemed to work fine for HD videos, now it does not...

    Are you guys aware / looking into it?

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Eduardo,

    The HD element in the shortcode isn't currently supported on, although it's something we might add in future. Currently, the video quality is determined by the player size.

    You can review the supported shortcode customization options here:

  3. So it's better to keep adding &hd=1 option so that when this is supported, all the posts are good to go?

    Any forecasts?

    Thanks. Cheers.

  4. Hi Eduardo - It won't hurt, but I don't have any sort of timeline for when or if this will be added.

  5. :-(

    Is this THAT difficult to be implemented? It would be so nice and the user wouldn't have to leave the blog...

    [ ] ' s,


  6. Hi Eduardo - I checked with the developer that was looking into this, and it seems that YouTube removed the ability to force HD videos. Rather, YouTube detects the embed size and automatically plays the resolution of video that’s closest to the embed size. I think it might switch to HD, though, if you click to view the video full-size.

  7. Hi again, thanks a lot all the attention and info provided...

    Tried here with a couple of videos and no luck with that (of course, using HD videos)...

    Well, if it's a Google restriction, I think that we should live with it, right?

    Thanks again.


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