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embedding youtube videos

  1. scienceofbehavior

    I have been trying to embed a you tube video in my blog using the format found on the faq page. I am still unable to do it. I get a white square in my post, but no video screen. Any suggestions?

  2. - Pointing us to an example and showing us what you have done would help... :)

  3. scienceofbehavior

    I have added it back to my blog It is the latest entry.


  4. This is what is showing up when I pull up your post.

    http: //

    So it looks like you might not have the hang of adding it to your post. I can't find the video you're trying to link to so I'll use an example of one from my blog.

    What you should be putting in your post looks more like this:


    Hope this helps,

  5. scienceofbehavior

    Thanks for the help. I got it figured out.

  6. And thanks for giving me today's YouTube video on my blog. ;)

  7. Thanks for this post. I found this link:
    That was Matt's original announcement about YouTube, but where it says copy and paste the above it shows a video instead of the section you posted above:

    It worked like a charm for me. It even worked like this:
    (and this is a nice dance from So You Think You Can Dance)

  8. DrMike - that link you posted to your blog returned a "page not found error"...

  9. You can thank my previous host for that. *grumble*

    -dr(Still reimporting 30k+ pictures into my Gallery install for my webcomic)mike

  10. Grr - I may well do that. Staw Wars Episode 41 eh? Got the youtube link please? ;)

  11. Actually it was 4.1.

    The 11 characters were 'GRpqrT9tuUA' if you can cut and paste them.

  12. Thanks. And Awe nuts - the vid has been removed. :(

  13. I found the original post that I did (Not sure why it didn't import over *sigh*) and it doesn't work there either or on thte original site.

  14. How weird I clicked the drmike's blog link which has now been removed and I watched the video.

  15. Going over to YouTube says that it was removed for copyright violation due to a report from Turner.

    Why Turner is going after a Star Wars fan work, I don't have a clue but... *shrug*

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