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Embeded music player gliche.

  1. Me again!

    I've got some mp3 files uploaded on and following the instructions here-----

    the embeded player shows up, but immediately recieves an error and will not play...

    Any thoughts why?


  2. Could you put show us the URL of the music file that you want to embed?



    It's a Johnny Cash file....please know I will not be making this available as it is copyrighten...I'm only using this particular file as an example for right now.


  4. I think the MP3 must have the right extension to be recognized as a music file by the player, like j_cash.mp3

  5. It has to have a file extension for sure! That will be the problem.


  6. How might I resolve that?

  7. has it so you have to have an 'upgraded' account to be able to 'direct link' to files. That is what URL you need as that page your referenced is just the page that has the download link and not the actual file link. The player needs the 'direct link' to the file regardless of what file it is. In your example, either upgrade your account, find a host that allows direct linking for free, upgrade your space on (like I did) and then reference the actual file name such as:



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