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Embeeded Vimeo videos

  1. Hallo.
    Sorry, my english is not very good.

    I wanna know how I can embeeded a Vimeo's video, like YouTube or Google Videos.
    I try use the code:

    <embed src="" quality="best" scale="exactfit" width="400" height="300" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>

    but it don't work.
    Help, please.

  2. You can't use <embed> tags here, they clip them out so people can't run damaging scripts. Here is the FAQ on how to embed a Google video:


  3. You can use google, grouper and youtube only. Here's a thread from the forum search box

  4. I am a vimeo person also and recently signed up to wordpress! I am very sad to read that I am unable to use my clips that I have uploaded to vimeo due to having dial up - I have no plans to go anywhere else! Also, when posting to youtube your loosing all your rights to your video! I think wordpress should give us the possiblity to use this feature even if it cost us money per year, ect..

  5. If they allowed any video hosting site to be embedded, it would be child's play to post a flash script that would do damage to your visitor's computers as well as the's servers.

    Your best bet would be to submit a Feedback and request this feature along with a link to the site that you're discussing since they might not know of the site that you are discussion. (I don't for example)

    Hope this helps,

  6. You do not lose your rights by posting a video to YouTube. Posting it there, however, allows people on YouTube to view the videos, and if you allow sharing it allows them to post the video in their blogs, but that is a specific right and doesn't affect your copyright in any other way whatsoever.

  7. Agreed but there are plenty of places where one can download the YouTube video, even if you don't share it.

  8. I'm also a vimeo person. I am so sad to see that it is not listed among the options. It might might make WordPress not worth it.

  9. Instead of insulting the folks around here, why don't you submit it as a suggestion?

    Is it's that important to you, why not download the wordpress software from and find a host?

  10. wifeinprogress

    OK - I agree. I just switched from Blogger (blech) to WP but discovering that I can't post vimeos...I'm reconsidering my decision. I just want to post family video of my daughter and I DO NOT WANT those on YouTube. Vimeo is far superior to YouTube. WordPress hear this: Let us post Vimeo clips!!!!

  11. @wifeinprogress
    Ummm ... I do hope you understand that posting here is ineffectual. The process staff have defined for requesting new features is to send in a feedback (on Monday) including your reasons for making the request.

  12. There are a number of video options here other than YouTube: see the FAQ for those options.

  13. I'm going to put my support behind Vimeo integration too. It's a great site where users post high quality videos to share with contact. Kind of like YouTube but without the emo poems, and underage chicks in their bras.

    I don't think the other people here requesting Vimeo integration are "insulting" WordPress, just making their views known...which is after all the purpose of a forum. I would also doubt that posting to the forum is "ineffectual". I'm sure that WordPress are aware of what goes on round here.

    I am aware that services are available other than YouTube...I'm just saying I would like Vimeo integration too. I would put my support in 'feedback' but they don't want feedback over the weekend for some reason, so I'll add my vote here.

  14. The above needs to be removed. I did not give permission for csansbury to copy it and am offended that he did.

    Speaking about rude....

  15. I do not understand why this has turned into an argument. All that has happened is that somebody has requested a feature.

    I apologise for copying your comment on my offence was intended. You said nothing in your comment on my blog that led me to believe it was private. I shall delete it from my blog.

    I apologise to everybody else for getting involved in what I though was a discussion.

  16. @csansbury
    Unfortunately you have had an embittered and off-base blogger leave a comment on your blog that seems recognizable to many of us in terms of writing style, phraseology and anti-wordpress and anti-staff stance. Sadly other bloggers have been experiencing the same behaviours on their blogs as well.

    I would suggest that you delete the comment on your blog. There is no need to have our Moderator to delete it from this thread.

    There is no argument. The process is clear. All new features requested must be sent to staff including the reasons for the request and support is closed, except for urgent matters on weekends. And the allegation that staff do not monitor these threads is absolutely untrue.

  17. Timethief, you do not speak for me. Please don't do it again. I've asked before.

    csansbury, no arguement was intended. Again, I was just trying to explain things to you and get you on the right path.

  18. Will do.

  19. @csansbury
    Thank you for rising above this. Please don't forget to send staff your feedback request for Vimeo integration on Monday and happy blogging. :)

  20. Please leave all personal attacks at home and not in these forums. That behavior cannot be tolerated everyone!


  21. Ok. Have anyone filled an official request to support team? If not, I can do this but I do not really understand when support is open. It seems every working day, during standard working hours but I find it always closed...
    I will check again later.

  22. Support is open from 9-5 PM Pacific time on weekdays. At all other times the staff have the forums on feeds and will attend to urgent matters.

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