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    I am a bit confused….can you help

    In 2012 I made a reference to emeraldsnpearls.wordpress.com with a password. My memory is hazy but I think this was going to be a blog I was going to start.

    I was able to get access to emeraldsnpearls today without using a password. I also had to register for wordpress.

    My questions are:

    Is emeraldsnpearls.wordpress.com registered to me on this computer and an active site I can start to blog on?
    Is emeraldsnperarls.wordpress.com linked to my current registration?

    Thanks in advance



    Hi, Sue. Well, I’m a little confused, too. When you say that you were able to access emeraldsnpearls, are you saying that you were able to access the Dashboard for the site? If so, then yes, it appears that you can start blogging on it.

    See: http://en.support.wordpress.com/dashboard/


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