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    I read where blogs with the same name or url cannot be recreated. See: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/how-can-i-recreate-a-deleted-blog?replies=4

    I know this may not be believable but I have an EMERGENCY situation that a person’s life may be in danger if I do not. There was a link to a document that had been uploaded to Google docs that contained extremely sensitive material in it that somehow is still showing up on the internet although the site was deleted. I’ve been told its somehow in a server’s cache. Google says that in order for the page to be deleted I must be able to prove the blog is mine. The Google document also was deleted in the gmail account yet out there in the www it does!

    There’s the BIG PROBLEM … the blog supposedly does not exist! Yet the link to the document says it does!

    Please someone help! Surely there must be a way to at least temporarily recreate this blog with the same url. Contact me privately through the following email … (email redacted) I don’t even care if spam crawlers barrage this … it is that important. Please!

    The blog I need help with is readthebibledaily777.wordpress.com.



    You will need to contact staff at support at wordpress dot com for help



    Keep in mind also that Google is only one of many many search engines – yesterday my site had 6 different search engines refer traffic to my site and then there were 8 different variations of Google.



    Also staff are unlikely to reactivate this without a lot of evidence and probably a high cost. If word gets out that you can get a previously used blog name by just claiming that someone’s life is in danger then there are a lot of people who would make that claim!



    What was the blog that you’re referring to?

    If the file on Google Docs was deleted, then what you have now is a link that goes nowhere. As long as you have deleted the file from Google Docs, you really have nothing to worry about.

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