Emire theme – Page Navigation header problem with static Front page

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    I use the Emire theme on wordpress.com for my new blog: http://priyaraju.wordpress.com/

    I have chosen a static Front page for it. Unfortunately, the Page Navigation Bar at the top of the site includes a “Home” link at the far left (as expected), but also has a separate entry for the name of the static front page.

    See what I mean on my blog here: http://priyaraju.wordpress.com/

    The “About” page is the static front page, and appears first. The “Home” entry on the Navigation Bar links to http://priyaraju.wordpress.com/ , as does the “About” entry (i.e. not http://priyaraju.wordpress.com/about/ )

    Creating a page named “Home” simply introduces 2 separate “Home” entries on the Bar.

    This is not the case for the Bar in the Freshy theme, which behaves as I would expect it to (i.e. only one entry as “Home” in the Bar, linking to whatever page is nominated as static).

    Anyone have any solutions? Is this deliberate, or a flaw in the theme?

    PS: I have no paid upgrades for CSS at the moment.


    Yes it’s deliberate, because many themes don’t have a built-in Homepage, and you should have searched the FAQs for static front page.




    Apologies for not having found that detail in the support pages.

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