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Emotes in the forums

  1. Every time I have tried emotes in the forums, they don't work. So I am making the idea of the emotes in the forums. Is that a good idea? Oh and I'll post again probably after September 7th after Support gets back then e-mail them.

  2. What is emotes ?

  3. I think it's a site. Smilies and such stuff don't work in the forums.

  4. @T3ck: Emotes are Emoticons a.k.a. Smilies. The one's I'm talking about are like :-D :-) :cry: :roll: and :? I just want them to convert into the pictures of the emotes

  5. This is a technical help forum, not part of a kid's game. It isn't likely that emoticons will be approved here.

  6. Actually this has been brought up before and the idea for smileys got shot down real fast.

  7. You're telling me!

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