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Emoticons from visitors are not appearing correctly

  1. I googled for a fix to this problem and I’m referencing the post below, but I still can’t get emoticons to work. I have enabled them under my dashboard settings, but my problem is with "visitors" leaving emoticons on comments. I don’t want to delete them, but not sure how to get them to appear?

    Here is the post comment with emoticon issue:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My apologies, if anyone needs to know, my theme is twenty eleven.

    Thanks again.

  3. Go here please > Settings > Writing and enable this setting
    Formatting __ Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display
    and then "save changes"

  4. I did that before posting, thank you for checking with me though.

  5. I'll flag this thread for Staff intervention.

  6. I don't see any emoticons attempted at

    Would you please link me to a post, page, or comment where they aren't working?

  7. I see what isn't working in that comment (and I want some of the scone!) - there is one after the word "easier" in the first line of the comment, and there are two after "Good work" in the second line. They appear as little boxes, each with the number 27 over the number 55.

    I'm using Firefox 12 on a Mac.

  8. @macmanx
    is what is appearing

  9. I can see that, yes, but in the comment itself, there were no emoticons entered. They appear to be just blank spaces.

  10. Weird.

  11. I finally gave in and emailed the visitor. She is using "Emojis" with an Apple device. I googled for this and I think it's just not compatible. She told me her emoticons were a thumbs up, rolling pin and twinkling stars, 6 stars - all some kind of baking/cooking type emoticons. I will just replace her emoticons with a happy face. That's the only one I know!

    timethief - thank you so much for flagging my post for staff intervention!

    And thanks to all who tried to resolve this for me.

  12. Yeah, we can't do Emjoi. That's technically a font that only Apple devices and Emjoi-supported software can handle. WordPress is neither, so she'll have to stick to standard emoticons.

  13. @cravingthis
    Our thanks to you for resolving your own issue. :)

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