Emptied trash, now 3 blogs are missing from my site.

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    I work with another person on our blogging site that is hosted by WordPress. It is called Pixel Imperfect. Basically, I accidentally deleted 2 of the other bloggers posts because they were, for some reason, in the trash. I was cleaning up the site, so I went to the trash and selected all the posts in there and hit “empty trash”. One of her main posts titled “Trine – Know the Characters” vanished from the website after I did that. Why it was in the trash was beyond me, I also deleted 2 other blogs with that one, so I’m missing 3 blogs total. I was trying to find a way to restore the 3 blogs, but to no avail. I checked the help section that WordPress offers and I do not have a “Restore” option anywhere. I didn’t think hitting “empty trash” would permanently delete everything and make it all vanish. Please help, I just need to restore those 3 blogs. I believe they were titled “Trine – Know The Characters”, “Ring in the New Year with a Furry Friend”, and “Scarlet Blade BETA Sign Ups”.

    The blog I need help with is pixelimperfect.com.


    “Restore” only restores posts from the trash, it does not bring them back once the trash has been emptied.

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