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Empty blogs

  1. It annoys me how some blogs are just there and are not being used. Take It doesn't have any posts.

    Is there going to be a pruning method implemented, so that blogs with no posts on it for a month get automatically deleted so that other people may use them?

  2. I agree there should be a "harvesting" tool to free up some domain names which arent being used. I really want but someone has taken it. We have to sure people arent just on holiday or something and havent had the time to develop their blog. It would be a shame if it got deleted without them having a chance to develop it.

    Joseph Cheng

  3. We has someone or someones using an automated script to register blogs here as well. I remember one day Donncha mentioning that they removed over a hundred of them that we discovered being used for spamming. Lots of fun. I have a feeling that a lot of those empty sub domains were because of people like that.

    I would like to see a six month cut off rule as well or something simular. I politely suggest sending in a feedback as that's how they keep track of ideas like this.


  4. I have sent feedback in the past but I have never had a response. I once sent feedback to about their site and I got a very friendly personal reply. Perhaps the feedback could also be channelled into a forum category as well as an inbox?

  5. Just wondering if perhaps we could have a forum or thread where we can request blogs that are empty be deleted and be made available.

    To request a blog you can state how long it has been inactive and why you would like to ues it. Then the owner of the blog can be notified. If they do not reply or start using the blog then it gets deleted.

  6. The problem is that users who want to use Akismet (which is bundled with 2.0.whatever) have to sign up here to get their API key, and get given a blog whether they want one or not. I said from the outset that this would unnecessarily crowd the namespace and people would start getting annoyed because their desired username had been snaffled by somebody who had no interest in using it. It would be interesting to see what proportion of the '146 thousand blogs' advertised on the home page are actually active.

    Of course, the problem with notifying blog owners that their account may be deleted is that they may no longer be using their sign-up email address. Also, there's no mechanism for releasing deleted usernames for re-registration (this has caused problems for people who delete their blog on impulse then find their username has gone forever). On the whole, I think the attitude of the developers is that not being able to get the username you want 'proves' how popular their service is, so I'd be surprised if any of these recycling suggestions are taken up.

  7. This reminds me of the issue with AOL usernames and how they don't reuse names. (At least I know that they didn't in the past. Not sure about currently.) I would think that there's some sort of legal issue with someone using an username from before hand.

  8. This is getting annoying. Something needs to happen. I wonder if they are waiting for advertising to become available?

  9. And they may have no plans on reusing usernames.

  10. I would think that there's some sort of legal issue with someone using an username from before hand.

    Livejournal allows re-registration of usernames, but only if the original user has deleted their account and it's been wiped from the servers (you get a 30-day grace period in which to change your mind after deletion). This seems to me sensible, though of course there may be technical reasons why it's not possible here.

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