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Empty my blog of all content

  1. I would like to empty my blog of all content as I would like to repurpose it.
    Blog url:

  2. If you navigate to "Tools > Delete Blog" in your blog's dashboard you will see an option to remove all content. Be warned this is likely not reversible so make sure you know what you are doing; make sure you are on the right dashboard, and perhaps export the content where possible and save it somewhere.

  3. I saw that, and it gave me a link to contact support, which brought me here.

  4. Ah you're right, I assumed having seen the option this could be done by the user...

    You'll have to wait for a Happiness Engineer to wake up and field this request. ;)

  5. Calreth did you follow the link to and send your request there?

  6. @allstruck
    That link is deactivated on weekends and every time Staff go off on one of their working junkets. During those times that link is useful only to those who have purchased upgrades.

  7. @calreth
    I'm sorry you got the support link loop runaround.

    If you do not have a lot of content you can easily delete all blog content by yourself rather than waiting for Staff to do it for you.
    bulk delete images & media
    bulk delete posts >
    bulk delete pages >
    Here's how to permanently delete Trash >

    If you do have a lot of content then Staff will delete it when they enter the forum and deal with all the threads flagged for their attention.

  8. @allstruck Yeah I followed the link, and filling up the support form ended up with this question being posted here instead of being routed directly to a support personnel.

    @timethief I've been thinking of doing that, but the delete function is extremely slow, and it doesn't allow you to bulk select all posts but only the ones currently displayed. I've 300+ posts and in the 'All Posts' view, that's spread over 15+ pages. :/ I thought it might just be quicker if I could get someone on the server end to just wipe all it out of existence.

  9. You can change the number of posts/pages/media/categories/tags that appear by clicking on the Screen Options button in the upper right corner of your screen on the relevant page and increasing the number of visible items to make the bulk delete go quicker.

    Regardless, given the number of posts you mentioned, I'll tag this for Staff assistance. Please be patient while they get back to you.

  10. Hi @calreth, I queued up your blog for emptying. You will receive an email notification once it's completed. Let me know if you need any more help with this!

  11. @timethief:

    That link is deactivated on weekends and every time Staff go off on one of their working junkets. During those times that link is useful only to those who have purchased upgrades.

    "Junkets" = "flavored curds of milk", heh? ;)

    To clarify, the "contact support" link is always active. Users who don't have upgrades are directed to the Support forums, where either helpful volunteers (like you!) or Happiness Engineers answer to their questions. Users with upgrades can choose to file a private request (it will be handled via email) or a public one (in this case, it would appear in Staff Answers). When our team travels for a meetup and Happiness Engineering support is limited, the majority of users are directed to the forums, while we field private support for time-sensitive requests (for example, users still within the refund window).

  12. Thanks for the assist and the clarification, jenia.

    (As an aside, would it not be beneficial to change the "contact Support" link in the notice for suspended blogs to the support doc on suspended blogs rather than just rerouting them to the forums? Would be a great help to everyone, I would think.)

  13. @justjennifer: sure, welcome :)

    Great suggestion and I'm guessing it's on one of our to-do lists already (alongside with other solutions to handle suspended sites support). I'll check on the status, especially since the all-company Automattic meetup is starting on Saturday.

  14. Thanks @jenia :)

    Also thanks for the tip @justjennifer, I didn't realize there were options hidden up there, and that's coming from someone who has ran a self-hosted wordpress blog for years. I'm embarrassed.

  15. @calreth don't be! WordPress is full of hidden gems that you might not know about if you don't need to use them. "-)

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