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Empty WordPress Mainpage?

  1. I was about to login to WordPress today and noticed something weird. The main page of seems to be empty!

    I'm not even sure if i should call this a support question, it's not that major an issue, just extremely weird. Valentine's Day bug?

  2. You're right, it is weird. But hopefully they're just tweaking it and it'll be back soon.

  3. We are fixing that :)

  4. Yes....Same is noticed by me too...

    What happening..anyone knows??????

    @ B H i

  5. I also noticed that there is no "Top blogs today" nor "Fastest Growing blogs" ranking in my dashboard.

    Good luck with the bug-hunting! :P

  6. damn, that had to happen today when i was getting lots of visits :(

    anyways, any idea if the fastest growing blogs, posts of the day, etc... will be saved as it was, or will it be reseted ?

  7. All fixed :)

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