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    I would like to see categories enabled for pages. I often use pages in my blog to supplement something that I’ve posted about. It would be nice if, when clicking on categories in the sidebar, these pages would be able to be called up as well as the posts.



    We used to have this feature. It became a much *disliked” feature and was eliminated.



    Here’s the most recent thread (12 days ago)from the forum search box http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=936&replies=20



    Actually we’ve never had this feature here at wp.com. Some themes displayed the empty category listing and that was removed though.

    Pages are suppose to be seperate from the category listings.


    I’m having a problem with this, though — I’m using the Toni theme, and my About page is categorized as “Uncategorized.” Sloppy. I spent quite a long time looking around for a place to change or delete it — no dice. Any suggestions? I’d prefer that it not have any category at all, but if the theme must display a category, I’d rather it display something sensible that I have some control over.




    Deb, best bet would be to submit a feedback with a pointer to this thread so that staff can see that there’s still a theme doing this. I could have sworn that staff mentioned that this was no longer an issue. (Three hours of sleep for me. I can’t remember anything. What was your name again? :)

    Hope this helps,


    Will do, drmike, thanks.



    I am unable at this time to link my page contents to specific categories. They are all showing only one category: my default “tag clouds.” WordPress categories in the posts are one of the most powerful tools on Web 2.0. I have only begun blogging in September and thanks to WordPress categories, search engines are finding my site easily.

    I’ve read the thread and I understand that some users did not want categories option in pages? Users always have the option to chose uncategorized. How about reconsidering the decision and providing those of us who see this innovative tool, categories (folksonomies, tags, tag clouds) — upon which delicious, Swicki, google, etc depend — connect to pages?

    I really like to work with both posts and pages for maximizing efficient search plus readability. I see the pages as similar to building wiki content, starting with a stub that eventually develops with editing into a deceptively non-linear appearing to be linear hierarchal piece with full headings, etc. I intend to keep adding my most content-rich materials to my pages. The posts hopefully will be shorter.

    For example, The page entitled “Category, folksonomy, tag management” in WordPress is where I want to keep my own How-did-I-do-that information that would take too much space on a post. The users of my page are most interested in memory work issues. I am a bricoleur with technology so my site will not be a hot spot for technies. But I still need to keep track of the Web 2.0 technology I am investigating.

    I am developing some useful teaching, learning and research materials on “memory work” including an article submitted to wikipedia. My wordpress address is my main url, the matrix for all the rest. I want to be sure my pages not just posts in WordPress are properly categorized, therefore inextricably linked with the rest. Please.

    In some ways the pages are like (footnotes, webliographies, bibliographies, tables, graphs, illustrations) in academic papers and the sections/chapters in body of the article/book are like the posts. Categories serve somewhat the same function as the index. I want to index my pages (footnotes, webliographies, bibliographies, tables, graphs, illustrations) as well as the (posts) body of the text. Sometime the most exciting stuff is found in the footnotes and appendix.

    WordPress is an amazing Internet tool. I am in awe as new potentials emerge with the technology.

    Thanks, Maureen Flynn-Burhoe




    yes, please, allow us to categorize pages!



    yes! I agree – categories as pages please!



    Best bet would be to send in a feedback but being honest here I don’t see it happening as keeping the Pages outside of the Post system is one of those long standing traditions of the software.

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