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    I have enabled my word press blog to be updated via email. This function works fine from Outlook. The problem is that we use Digital Sports–League Minder for our school athletics. This program sends automatic emails to subscribers if there is a game cancellation……When I entered my blogs “secret address” into Digital Sports and send out a game cancellation….It does not show up on my wordpress blog. I know the email is coming out of DS because it sends an archive copy to my email address.

    I thought it might be getting caught in spam but there is nothing in my spam folder.

    Any help would really be appreciated…….by the way Digital Sports uses Word Press.
    Thanks, Mike

    The blog I need help with is fairfieldschools.wordpress.com.


    This is probably something you will have to take up with staff. It could be that the output from Digital Sports is an issue. If it is using WordPress, then it is most likely using a plugin of some sort, and perhaps there is an issue between the post by email function and that particular plugin.

    Contact staff with all the details at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ .




    Thank you for your response. I have sent this question in to support.


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