Enable followers to post on my blog [How to]

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    As the About page explains, a way for followers, guests (etc.) to be able to post their own personal experiences and what have you on my blog is what I’m aiming for. This is my second blog, and while adjusting the preferences for my first one, I recall there being an option that asked if you wanted to enable your followers the permission to submit posts whenever they’d like. I decided to disable it for that blog in particular, but with this one, I actually /would/ encourage other posts onto it, but I’m not sure how to do it, as I can’t seem to find the option anymore when I go to customize anything (this goes for writing, reading, posting and feedback preferences, which I’ve checked, plus more.)

    The blog I need help with is einelefantfurdich.wordpress.com.



    Hello Deutschebooofthursday,

    Maybe this WordPress.com Support Page about User Roles will help you:


    Good luck,
    -John Jr



    If what you want is a truly crowdsourced site, you will not be able to use WordPress.com except via the $30,000 a year VIP program. That kind of site is a huge undertaking in terms of security and technology.

    I’ve never heard of that setting you’re talking about at Wp.com.

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