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Enable Sending Referrer - error

  1. Hello,

    I just created a new blog and i keep getting the "enable sending referrer" message when I try to do anything. I've gone to the site and followed the IE directions and still get this message. I've read around and i've also disabled my norton and this still occurs.

    However, my old blog works fine.

  2. Kiepnay, have you reviewed this page?

  3. Yes i have. I guess i didn't state it clearly.
    I've already gone to the website, and followed the directions with IE...
    I've also read around the forum, and found that norton might be a problem, and so i turned it off.

    After both of these, I STILL have the problem.
    I've even tried accessing it on a different computer.
    Same problem.

  4. kiepnay, I'll be honest that I'm at a loss on this one as I've not seen this issue myself in the past. I'm hoping someone else can voice a suggestion.

  5. Well. Thank you drmike for your time.

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