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Enable Third Party Widgets

  1. I think that WordPress should have a "app store", when there are all types of third party widgets that can be installed on WordPress blogs. This, I believe, will make the WordPress experience more brilliant and great, with loads of coolness.
    Also, I think that Javascript should also be allowed.

  2. Staff has been pretty clear that no javascript will be allowed

    As for 3rd party widgets - if you find one that doesn't contain javascript, send it to support for possible inclusion.

  3. I would love loads of coolness.

    By the way, you didn't provide reasons for your "I think"s. Is there a reason you want javascript and third party widgets?

  4. I want to use cbox and imeem and all those other usual "blog" programs that makes use of javascript...

  5. The idea of a app store, or "widget warehouse," is a good one. There's nothing to stop anyone from setting up an unofficial one. It won't be me, although I do post at my blog, and often here, when I find an interesting widget that works at An example is the Lala playlist widget:
    I think that we'll see many more widgets available at before the year is out.

  6. A app store, or "widget warehouse," sounds like a good idea. I'd be interested to know if there are plans for an official one. If not, then an unofficial one might prove popular, perhaps in the form of a page at someone's blog.
    Having said that, it won't be at my blog. But I do post when I find an interesting new widget. For example:
    I think that we have a lot of coolness coming up in the next few months...

  7. ya...but needs to comply with the strict requirements of wordpress which is difficult...if wordpress could make an "app store", they could control content like Apple to get the best apps for wordpress users.

  8. masterclasslady

    I just tried to sign up for Lala and, unfortunately, it is not available beyond the boundaries of the United States.

  9. There is already a very long thread here called something like "Codes for WordPress" where everyone has been invited to contribute cool widget codes they know that work here. You might want to try a search for it.

  10. found it sort of but there's too little of them that i would use, for example, there's no tagboard that does not use javascript and that can function like a normal tagboard when i use it even without javascript. could you all recommend me a tagboard that can be embedded to WordPress which works like cbox?

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