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Enabling Google authorship

  1. Looking for a way to enable google authorship for post on my blog.
    I would really like this feature, but I would have to add some metatags to the HTML. cant this be added to either tools or user settings?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can verify your website at Google with the Webmaster Tools. You can follow the steps in this guide on how to enable that:

  3. its not webmaster tools, I already did that. I want to connect blog with this. see link. Google Plus Authorship

  4. I see. I'm sorry, that's not possible on There are no restrictions if you setup a self-hosted blog instead of a blog, but there are some added responsibilities. We have hosting recommendations at the following link if you are interested.

  5. Actually it is - for a single user blog at least.

    Just add a text widget to your blog with a link to your G+ profile with rel=author and you're golden.

    Doesn't help with multi-author blogs though...

  6. HI mIkehcc,

    How exactly do you do that.


  7. Hi Mikehccc
    Can you please explain a bit more?

  8. Apologies sjkhayes I must have missed the notification. Hi Claireuni.

    Basically you need a theme that supports the inclusion of a text widget (go appearances -- widgets and look for a Text Box option).

    Then you need to put a link to your G+ profile with the rel=author after it. To get an example with a logo you want to do something like this:

    <br /> <a href="" rel="author"><span style="display:inline-block;font-weight:bold;vertical-align:top;margin-right:5px;margin-top:8px;">Mike Horner</span><span style="display:inline-block;vertical-align:top;margin-right:15px;margin-top:8px;">on</span><img style="border:0;width:32px;height:32px;" src="" alt="" /></a><br />

    Obviously that looks worse than it is, you only have to change the name to your name and the G+ Profile number to your own.

    This will create a link to your G+ profile with the rel=author attribute on every page of your blog. Test is with Google's Rich Snippets Testing Tool and the rest should write itself.

    Hope it helps.

  9. (if you copy and paste the above code, don't include the < br tag at the start or end, start and finish with the <a bit).

  10. Thanks Mikehccc,
    It's my 1st blog and i have to admit that even if it seems easy, it's more complicated than i thought.
    I found the "pachyderm" them suitable for my needs and customized it a bit. i didn't find the text box there, does it mean that i wouldn't be able to add the rel author there? or the social buttons?
    thanks for your help

  11. I'm not sure about your theme to be honest, without a text box in the sidebar or footer you might have to try something different.

    Have a look as this very informative article:

    And maybe try signing off each post with your G+ authorship.

  12. You could presumably do a static page with this as content.

  13. Yes but it would only assign authorship to that page, so would be of no practical use.

  14. Hmm, it seems time to give Google some meaningful feedback then.

  15. That's where I have to respectfully disagree - I think it's WordPress that need to adapt.

    Authorship is an increasingly important part of search, and search is as important as ever. You can't blame Google for not doing all the work for you - they have their own blogging platform after all, where I imagine such things are easier to arrange.

    I've been waiting patiently for a year for WordPress to catch up to this, (as the workaround above doesn't work for multi-user blogs) and I hope they will.

    Authorship is an important enough thing to allow those of us with only a basic knowledge of the web to get access to, from within the wonderful framework that is

    Hopefully they'll agree with me eventually!

  16. @mikehccc
    I agree with you. It's time for to provide a means for us to do this. The Author link is being considered in seach engine page ranking and in positioning of our posts in the SERPs (search engine page results).

  17. See here for workarounds I dug up and note I don't guarantee they will work

  18. sonhosdigitais

    You can also add a "a target="_blank"" so that the visitor stays in the blog. Thanks for the tip.

  19. @sonhosdigitais
    That's completely off-topic. We all have back buttons so seizing control over the browers of others who could be on slow connections is not only invasive, it can cause crashes.

  20. @mikehccc You just talked me off the bridge! I've been frustrated with this for months+ and now I think G Authorship may be working. What a nightmare! WordPress REALLY needs to make this more user friendly. I've lost grey hair over this!! ;)

  21. Actually, No, that didn't work either :(
    I've been trying to set-up Google authorship for months without success. I've already talked to Google and did everything they suggested. So I'm left wondering that it must be a WP problem. My 2 blogs are: &
    Please help! I'm so frustrated with this!!

  22. @jackfoolman it seems to be working to me.

    Run each site through Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool:

    There doesn't appear to be any problem with either site. The actual appearance of your G+ avatar in the search rankings and so on is more complicated, but the code seems good.

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