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Enabling Remote Posting / XML-RPC

  1. weightlosstests


    I've been trying to post remotely to my blog using XML-RPC but have been unsuccessful. Eventually I found a website that mentioned that all new blogs have XML-RPC disabled by default but it can be enabled under Settings > Writing.

    The problem is that I've looked on that page (and every other page in my admin section) but can't find the setting anywhere. Can anyone help?

  2. These settings are automatically enabled on

    Can you explain what program you are using to try posting via XML-RPC and the problems you are having?

  3. I've used XML-RPC to connect to my blog. Are you sure you are using the correct login data and URL?

  4. What is XML-RPC? I am a newbie when it comes to computer terms. I think I need to have some lessons about complex blogging.


  5. It's just a way for programs (or other websites) to talk to the servers. It can be used by offline blog editors (BlogDesk, Ecto, Bleezer, WIndowsLive Writer, etc) to send blog posts to your blog.

    (for the geeky xml = Extensible Markup Language and rpc = Remote procedure call )

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