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Enclosure Feed Not Working (Audio Podcast)

  1. I have been running an audio podcast with my blog through and feedburner. As of last month, it has been running into problems creating the enclosure feed for the .mp3. Usually when it wouldn't take the first time, I would go to the edit post screen and click "update" and it would update the post along with the enclosure. But the last two posts have not worked at all. I really like the setup I have and an hoping I can fix this without any major problems.

    The .mp3 files are being hosted at

    In the "troubleshootize" tab on feedburner, in podmedic, it says for my last two posts that "Media enclosure not created because: The content type returned from your host server was a text type, not a binary media type. Podcast content should always return a binary media type, such as audio/mpeg for audio, or video/mpeg for video."

    I have searched for a fix in the forums for quite some time and can't find any help. Anything you can help with would be awesome! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you'll need to contact staff and let them know; sounds like something they'll need to fix.

  3. thanks, i'll try that. i'm at a loss for anything else.

  4. still haven't gotten a definitive answer from support, so any forum help would be awesome...

  5. I am having the same problem. I am also in contact with support - so hopefully between us we will get some sort of answer.

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