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    In the past, I was able to create a new custom field for posts, in order to create an enclosure. I just noticed, today, that the option to add a custom field is not there. Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to get that option back?

    In the past, I would host large video files at other web sites, and link to it from the enclosure, and it’s worked great.


    Are you sure you are not getting WP.com confused with the standalone verison of WordPress? I may be wrong but I do not recall seeing the custom field in any wordpress.com iterations recently.



    You can see the enclosures in some of the previous entries in my WordPress.com feed:



    Anyone? Anyone? …



    I don’t think there are any podcasters among the regulars here, so unfortunately we don’t know enough about enclosures to help you. Personally I wasn’t aware that custom fields had ever been included in the admin, though it does seem to be the case that wordpress.com was launched with some features which were later removed (built-in flickr support being another one).

    I’d advise you to submit a feedback through your admin panel; though to be honest with you I don’t hold out much hope for getting custom fields back, since most .com bloggers have no need of them.

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