Encoding problem with notification emails from es.forums.wordpress.com

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    If you subscribe to a topic in the Spanish support forums you’ll receive emails with the wrong encoding in the subject line.

    Things like this will pop in your inbox:
    “=??Q?[Foros_WordPress.com_en_Espa=C3=B1ol]_Borr=C3=A9_un_blog_hace_varios?= =??Q?_meses_y_sigue_apareciendo?=”

    I have noticed that this also happens in the English forums but seems limited to HTML escaped entities like apostrophes:

    “[WordPress.com Forums] colors won't change”

    I’m by no means an expert in MIME but I believe that the encoding is missing in the Quoted Printable tag in the subject line, at least for the Spanish forum bug:

    It reads:

    Should read:

    This according to: http://www.convertstring.com/EncodeDecode/QuotedPrintableDecode and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIME#Encoded-Word

    Hope this is the right place to report it, since it’s a WordPress.com thing.

    The blog I need help with is diegoe.be.



    Of course the apostrophe bug actually got interpreted as HTML.

    This is what I meant:
    "[WordPress.com Forums] colors won&_#_039;t change"

    (minus the underscores)



    It’s worth saying that the encoding does not have to be ISO-8859-1. It was just the example I had at hand. Spanish locales are fine with UTF-8.

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