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Encoding problem with UTF-8 ?

  1. I have a wordpress account here and i have my blog written in Greek (i am from Greece).
    When i moved here i have to convert all my artcles etc etc in to utf-8 encoding as before in blogger and in other sites i used to publish everything was using 8859-7.

    I was happy about it as i know tha utf-8 is a better encoding espescially for my language (Greek).
    Since February everything works fine here.
    Suddenly before 15-20 days i found all of my articles in utf-8 encoding but with some characters not able to read (strange symbols).

    I wonder is there any change somewhere in the site that automatically changed something in encoding or somethink like that ? I am asking because i have ... A LOT OF WORK to do so that i can replace all the missing characters correctly.

  2. Send in a feedback and we'll get that fixed for you.

  3. The same problem has been reported here.

    It seems to be a problem with the editor.

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