Encrypt my Blog post?

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    I want to begin encrypting my blog post since I’m new to the WordPress world and I was wondering if any o you knew of someway to do this right on wordpress or a third party source that may help? Thanks in advance! <3

    The blog I need help with is kazumasoju.wordpress.com.



    A WordPress.com post? I don’t think it can even be done.



    On WordPress.com you can make your entire blog Private until you are ready to go “live” with your blog or forever. This will allow you to invite up to 35 people to view your blog if you choose to invite them.

    Otherwise, you can Password Protect your posts individually.


    If this doesn’t cover what you mean by “encryption” please give more details about what exactly you want to do.



    hmm, interesting – I was looking to encrypt my post, as in if someone tried to copy and past my post or something along those lines – when they pasted and then posted it, the post would say “Hi I stole this post from kazumasoju, you can go see the actual post athttps://kazumasoju.wordpress.com/” or something along those lines. Thank you both of you fro replying, I am happy to receive any info I can :)



    No, it’s not possible.



    If you encrypt it how would anyone read your blog? You would need to give them the key and then the encryption goes away – Adobe Acrobat has some security features that I think make it harder to copy and or print a document (I lock viewers from changing the file on many of my downloads – if they are going to steal content then they will need to work a bit) – but if you made a whole blog of PDF files I doubt you would have many visitors.

    Bottom line – your content will probably be lifter in some manor if it is valuable or appealing – I have several sites that take my RSS feed for boating safety and display the summery of my last article or ID my site as a site for boating safety – they want people to go to their site for say boating insurance and having a lot of links to sites with boating info is one way they try and get traffic to their site.

    There have been some cases that came through the Forum where entire blogs were inserted into “Scrapper” sites – that can be dealt with but a bit of a hassle –

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