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End Notes

  1. I cannot find how to add end notes to the text for a book I am writing. I can copy my site's text to Microsoft Word, successfully add end note numbers; however, the numbers disappear when I paste back to my site.

    My desire is to add end note numbers as I write pages and refer to those numbers in the page I have entitled "notes".

    Thanks, Fred

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have searched the support pages,"Write a Book" and "Writing and Editing" but can not find anything about endnotes.

  3. Have you tried using Windows Live Writer? Unlike Word, it is specifically designed for blogs and websites, yet it retains most of the functionality of Word and adds some web-only functions like categories and HTML formatting. It might have an end notes function.

  4. Thanks raincoaster,
    I will look into Windows Live Writer; however, Word 2012 provides good end-note ability, but I have not been able to transfer it to my WordPress site.
    Does WordPress provide any way to insert an end-note number in the text, raised in the standard fashion?

  5. This is a duplicate. Already answered here

  6. Does WordPress provide any way to insert an end-note number in the text, raised in the standard fashion?

    No. The links to workarounds I already provided are here >

  7. I have not been able to find anything about endnotes in Widows Live Writer. I was able to paste the endnote number from Word to WLW; however, the transfer from WLW to the site worked the same way as a transfer from Word to the website. Like this: [1]
    The number and brackets in blue, when the number was smaller without brackets in the word document..
    There was some discussions in 2010 about the same problem. Maybe those who successfully use endnotes on WordPress today know something more about WLW than I do.

  8. There's a plug-in called Simple Footnotes:

    Is that only available to users?

  9. Yes.

  10. As I read it, the ad for the plug-in is for footnotes only, not endnotes. I am told that publishers expect a writer today to use endnotes. Does one cut the footnotes and paste them at the end of the book, numbered separately for each chapter?
    Most, if not all, of my recent book purchases contain endnotes. As a reader, I prefer footnotes because it is easier to follow; however, the rest of the world seems to use endnotes.

  11. Raincoaster,
    Thanks for the response. I'm puzzled why such a simple and elegant solution to footnotes isn't available on I'm not a techie, so I find a simple and elegant solution far more appealing than the "end-arounds" available.

    I presume the underlying software architecture is similar if not identical in vs. So I presume there's no "technological" barrier to making this add-in available to users. Am I missing something?

  12. I suppose that the reason writers use endnotes, rather than footnotes, is because the Agent, Publisher, or book seller can get a quick measurement of the amount of research conducted by a glance at the page of endnotes.

    If I were convinced that or an available plug-in would allow for easy endnotes, I would purchase it. Word provides for both footnotes and endnotes, but I can not transfer it, or Windows Live Writer, to my site. teases writers with the "Write a Book" section of "Writing and Editing" but ignores footnotes and endnotes. I find this troublesome, but it does not take much away from the beneficial aspects of WordPress including the excellent support available to a novice like me.

  13. I've never used this service, but it might be just what you need:

    It's worth looking into.

  14. Hi, 1tess,
    Sky drive did not help. It is designed to embed a document into a site with a Sky Drive title included.

    I am writing by editing my website pages. When I want to create an endnote, for lack of an easy method, I copy the last word or two from a sentence, paste that into a Word document, just the two words, Then I use "reference" in Word 12 to apply the endnote number and then copy the two words with the number, properly placed slightly above the text, and paste it back to my site. It transfers with a large number in brackets and blue rather than black. [1]
    It would be better to just use the large number when writing on the website page. Word 12 does add the numbers sequentially which is a help.
    I was going to experiment by writing in SkyDrive and than transfer to my site, but could not find a way to inject an endnote number prior to embedding the document in my site. (My plan was to erase the SkyDrive title afterward.)
    I wonder if anyone has discovered a way to apply endnotes when writing in or .org. Someone in the world may have worked their way through this problem of using endnotes.
    When searching Support for an answer, yesterday,I did find the problem was discussed, three years ago but did not find a solution.
    (Member, conoverc, may have been listed as part of the discussion.)

  15. I have decided that the task before me is to write a book, not to become a WordPress expert on endnotes.
    I will place endnotes in my content by using the regular numbers, although they are larger than standard, and then move to my Notes page and describe the note keeping track of the numbers manually.
    Writers write, they may not be accomplished technicians, they just write!

  16. ≥^!^≤
    "Perfect is the enemy of good."

  17. But I am spoiled. In the early 1950s, I designed computer hardware in an aircraft manufacturer's electronic laboratory. I worked with a component called "square hysteresis memory core". (Hysteresis – – – there's a word that I haven't used in about 60 years.) It was about an inch and a half in diameter and about 1/2 inch thick. Shaped like a skinny doughnut, with three wires coming out. One wire was used to magnetize the core, one to demagnetize it, and the third wire was to determine if the core had been magnetized or not. You could store one bit of information by magnetizing the core, if it were not magnetized there would be zero bits. You can see how we could work with the binary code – – one or zero. It was perfect; however, to store one megabyte of information, you would need a string of these cores to go from here into the next county. What was perfect in those days is archaic now.

    I really am spoiled. At the beginning of last fall, it was suggested to me, that if I wanted to write and sell a book, I should create a website. How in the world does an old geezer create a website. It was easy with WordPress. It was designed to be easy, with good comprehensive support. Perfect! I am so spoiled that I expected to work with endnotes easily using WordPress.

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