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  1. homealonewithdad


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you experiencing some format/screen resolution troubles too?

  3. @homealonewithdad
    Please clearly state what you need help with as we Volunteers will be glad to try to assist you.

  4. why, why, why do you have to do this. Is it a make work project? At least give us the option of whether we want all this clutter! I'd move on except that I guess every other company is doing the same thing. Get real, people. Some of us have lives away from the computer.

  5. How about walking away from the computer and checking back after a day to see if things have settled down.

  6. is on continuous roll-out. Changes to the code are being made many times daily and new features are being introduced, while existing functions and features are being improved and upgraded. Currently the Admin bar is being changed.

  7. "Simplified", my foot. I'm most distressed by the absence of the edit function in the admin bar.

    I note by the announcement this was to make "likes" and "follows" more accessible. If this twitterization/facebooking of WP continues, it's going to slowly erode the site.

    IMO, of course. And now I'll take raincoaster's advice and step away from computer. Grump over.

  8. Edit has moved under the Blog Menu on the left side.

  9. I really want tyo request to restore the edit button in the admin bar. The extra action of pushing a drop down somewhere in the corner is inefficient and irritating as well. Besides that it is above the comments so easily land in the wrong section when working to fast, for accessibility-users a very nasty change.

    There seems to be room enough for a edit button as it was, so i want to request to reinstate this function (quickly too please!!)

  10. Just my two cents worth. I have truly enjoyed using WP until recently but I must say that the last changes to the admin bar and how it operates are pretty awful. It's unhandy and counter productive. This isn't a threat or yelling or anything so childish...just a simple statement of fact that I very much doubt I will stay with WP as it stands. Too many changes and not enough of them thought out before hand.

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