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Endlessly loading Dashboard and Support pages

  1. When I go to the dashboard of my domain-mapped blog, using the https version ie, it never stops loading. Same on any Support document. Not in the forum though, or on the blog itself.

    What is going on? Just how much tracking software is running on those pages?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I try to use this link to the underlying blog I'm mapping from to my domain URL I get endless loading too. What's going on here? I pay for a 301 redirect and this shouldn't be an issue should it?

  3. OH NO! That's the wrong link! I apologize. (I'm red-faced and crawling under a rock now) works for me.

  4. @raincoaster, this is only affecting the dashboard for your domain-mapped blog and not other blogs' dashboards? Are you able to load the following URLs?

  5. I can load all of those and they do not endlessly load. does not endlessly load, it's fine. is fine today as well, but if I try to go to I get a warning and have to create an exception because of course there is no certificate.

  6. Yep, that warning is expected as we aren't able to support HTTPS for mapped domains. It sounds like everything is working as expected today, but if you run into trouble with the endless loading again do let me know and we can investigate it.

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