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English Lit - a REAL degree??

  1. Afternoon all,

    I'm Gabby, a student writer living in Nottingham in the UK & have kiiiind of recently started a blog on life in England, film, fashion, food, fun, and other stuff that doesn't begin with f. It's supposed to be amusing but I'll let you be the judges.

    The blog's called Not a Real Degree because I get a lot of stick for having to study stuff like weak & strong verb endings in Old English... yeah... I'd understand if you thought it a complete waste of time.. what exactly IS the use of discussing the use of first person narrative in scenes of high tension within the early novels of DH Lawrence, anyway?? Negotiable, at the very least.

    Sadly comments are few and far between at the minute and I would absolutely LOVE more of them, good or bad, MAYBE even on whether you think English is a worthwhile degree or not.. I crave the feedback. Please be awesome and comment.........

    ....................NOW :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dreamlivedream

    just commented : ) I like your blog, AND think a English degree certainly worthwhile : )

  3. As an English graduate myself, I'm on your side!
    I like your blog, it's right up my alley!

  4. I think it's worthwhile even though I DON'T think it's a real USEFUL degree, like one in engineering, medicine or finance.

    Lit courses were always my favorites. Never done anything with them except blogging and the occasional romance by email.

    The English language is a precious treasure. Someone has to guard it.

  5. Thanks guys!

    I'm with you invisiblemikey, I don't think much of what we study is transferable to the wider world, in particular to the world of work. You're certainly right in saying that the english language is a treasure; thats one thing ive learnt from my useless degree! And I'm proud to call myself a guard :)

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